Tips on how hire a Software Development company

Locating a Software development firm can be a difficult thing to no matter which country you live in. It is always wise not to make a hurried decision; as there are numerous companies out there that seem to be developing some software or the other but the truth is that not all of them are genuine so you really have to watch your back and you must do a lot of research before you move ahead with things.

Before you go out and hire a company you must first prepare a list of your requirements, after that it would be wise to do research on those requirements from the point of view of an end user. It would benefit you if you create a design for the workflow as it will help you explain things to the software developer of the particular company that you wish to hire.

Developing Software

The factors that you should consider before you go out and hire a Software Development company

Strong foundation in the basics: When it comes to technology both big and small every single aspect has to be perfect and in this case a software is no exception. So you have to spend some time in analyzing the expertise of a company. The company should have the ability of selecting the perfect technology to develop a flawless software.

The company should submit the work within the deadline: Time is something that should always be valued; the company should be able to submit work on time to you so that you can launch the software as quick as possible so that you can stay ahead of your competitors. To get a clearer picture on the company’s punctuality you read the customer reviews.

Reputation of the company: The company should have a very strong reputation in the market as this will assure you that you are getting exactly what you signed up for. You obviously would not want your company’s image to be tarnished by offering your customers substandard products; therefore you must bear this factor in mind at all times.

Multiple software services: The Software Development company that you select should provide services such as Net application, J2EE Development, Asp Programmers, Product Development and Software Development.

The right support for the software: Getting a good software is not enough it is also very important to get the right kind of support at all times to keep things running smoothly at all times. After the developing firm is done providing you with the software it is also their responsibility to provide proper support at all times. The software needs to be implemented properly too. It would good if you have a deep understanding of the entire process.

Before you decide to get into How to develop software successfully? You should first go through these factors as they will help you understand the concept of developing software.

How to develop software successfully?

Software Development

Software development is currently gaining the highest importance in the modern era of technology. This is because software can cater solutions to multiple problems as a result of which critical challenges can be effectively dealt with.

Who creates software online?

Software is basically created by technically skilled software professionals or specialists. These are special kind of IT professionals who implement their technological knowledge in creating software of different types. They follow a complete guide to software development so that the software can be successfully created on the basis of the tastes, requirements and preferences of the customers from the targeted community.

These professionals are highly skilled and technologically sound and work hard in creating software by implementing the knowledge of advanced programming languages. They work either for any IT company or are hired by different business concerns so that proper management software can be created and managed from time to time.

Top tips for creating software

  • If you are beginner, then in that case you need to learn developing software. In this case, you can have a thorough training on software development from any experienced professional of the concerned field.
  • You can also follow different demonstrative videos or programs online in order to develop both theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • You need to make more and more practice so that you can get greater success in creating improved and sophisticated software that can be operated both in systems and in mobile phones.
  • You must make thorough market researches so that you can determine software using targeted community and on the other hand their tastes, requirements and preferences need to be known otherwise you will not be able to create specific software having greater utilities.
  • You need to make proper experimentation so that proper track on technological changes can be traced and these changes can definitely help you to manage and improve the software to a great extent so that the main objectives can be fulfilled.
  • New changes and settings are included within the software so that it can be upgraded technologically and this is needed for enhancing the overall functionality or productivity of the same.
  • The checklist for creating software needs to be followed thorough as that can be quite beneficial in this respect.
  • Different business requirements or necessities need to be taken into consideration for developing modernized software with improved and flexible settings.
  • The professionals developing software must be very much creative in nature so that innovativeness and creative touch can be included within the same.
  • Goals or purposes need to be known as on the basis of that the software needs to be created.
  • Software development involves a lot of cost and therefore you need to make arrangement for the same. On the other hand, proper research and experimentation also highly demands for necessary funds.

Summary: Creating software involves a lot of creative and technological skills and thus the professionals dealing with the same must have these kinds of qualities.

Complete guide to software development

The importance of Software development in the field of web hosting

Strong Software development is needed to keep data secure and easily available for various web hosting activities. So the popularity of developing software over the years has increased quite a bit ever since the demand for web hosting has increased many folds.

The benefits of developing a reliable software

  • Increase in productivity
  • Improve the morale of the programmer
  • Clear cut communication

Web hosting

Now there are many kinds of servers that are used to host websites but of the lot VPS seems to be the most popular hosting solution in the market. To understand the Reasons to Choose Windows VPS over Linux VPS we should take a look at Windows VPS as it will give us a clear idea on why this is so popular with the people.

Software Development

The concept of Windows VPS

Now basically a VPS is nothing but a machine that will permit customers to use a software on the physical machine like the other customers but at the same time the users are given a lot of security and have access to various resources. Each separate unit has an operating system of its own. The user can reboot the operating system without causing any problems to the other units. This is the main reason why Windows VPS is enjoys more popularity than a Linux VPS.

The advantages of using Windows VPS

There are many advantages of using this VPS. The updates of the system are very useful. This VPS also manages all the updates on behalf of the users without affecting any of the other machines. As a user you can feel free to keep all the windows components updated at all times you can even tweak the settings to receive the settings automatically.

As a user you be relieved to know that the level of security with this VPS is really high, even if a neighbor’s machine is hacked you can still stay protected at all times. This also comes all the dedicated resources that you can use on programs without even having to rely on the resources from the other machines.

The best features

This VPS gives the users complete control over their respective accounts from installing the software to configuring the system. All of this can be handled very well thanks to the user friendly control panel that the users can access any time.

The good thing is that you will get services to get back up for your components and data and you will be able to keep them safe from any harm. This is very important in adding protection to your business and making sure that your website does not undergo any downtime.

So you see that a Windows VPS has very high level of security that go down very well with the general public.

Reasons to Choose Windows VPS over Linux VPS


Choosing a VPS service involves meeting the pre-requisite of learning about Windows VPS’s. First of all, it is important to understand the types of VPS service which is based on Windows or Linux. Once, a business understands that difference, VPS comes up as more advantageous option. VPS, also known as Plesk VPS or cPanel VPS, comes up in two distinct options namely managed or unmanaged VPS.

Any business that decides to opt for VPS hosting is always on the better side. Choosing between Linux based hosting or Windows based hosting services for Software Development is definitely a tough pick. Although a tricky choice, decisions majority decisions are taken by IT professionals in favor of Windows VPS without second thoughts.

Learning about Windows VPS’s demands a great lot of homework on the part of clients before they actually get into the deal or negotiate. There are a lot of reasons to opt for Windows based VPS hosting services some of which are listed below:

Support for ASP.Net

ASP.Net is a major scripting language which is ruling the market scenario. Such prominence is one of the core reasons which facilitate the selection of Windows VPS server over the Linux VPS server. Windows Linux renders support in the classic development of ASP.NET scripts as well as web pages which makes it a glad choice to execute software development. It is capable of offering support for Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access databases, which on the other hand Linux based VPS fails to provide. Another key feature that sets it ahead of Linux VPS is the Remote Desktop Access facility which is all aimed at making the overall experience much more realistic just like when one works on GUI based system.

Compatibility is Guaranteed

Windows platform promises to offers much greater level of compatibility when put in comparison of Linux based platform. Developers have recorded the fact that while working on Windows platform, it becomes easy to track multiple numbers of clients at the same time with a single control panel, which is amiss in Linux based platform. Therefore, Windows VPS Servers makes it easy to track the clients and save great amount of time.

Renders Support for RDBMS

It goes without saying that effective software development demands Support for RDBMS. Windows Servers enjoy a great reputation for serving on different operations carried out on Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). With the newly introduced Microsoft RDBMS Software– The Microsoft MSSQL, developers have gained access to much advanced support for such operations. When it comes to RDBMS, Windows is more reliable as compared to Linux. Also, managing Windows based platform is comparatively easier which works as ‘cherry on the cake’.

Windows Based Database Support

Windows come up as a handy option if one needs to use MS SQL or Microsoft Access database. It can easily run on a Microsoft Windows platform but is unavailable on a Linux hosting. In case a site demands the application of such databases, Windows-based web hosting or Windows Virtual Private Servers is a biased choice.

Access to Microsoft Sharepoint

Last but not the least, biggest advantage of choosing windows VPS server hosting is the access to Microsoft Sharepoint. It is a software platform introduced by Microsoft to carry out collaboration and web publishing under single server. It facilitates developing websites, wikis, intranets, content management systems, portals, search engines, blogs, and other tools that are usually done for business intelligence purposes. In case a website demands use of Microsoft Sharepoint, opting for Windows VPS or may be any other Windows hosting environment is the most befitting choice.

See if you convinced enough for Windows!!

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) – Phases Involved

Software development life cycle is a process which cannot be taken all at once; there are varied phases involved that are addressed by the developer. All these phases are important for the owners of a software company, who want to keep a tab on the progress of software they want to get developed. The software development professionals touch base with 6 major phases before actually come up with application featuring the pre-stated specifications.

Software DevelopmentThe entire cycle comprises well-thought steps and procedures, starting from its inception till its implementation. The process is implemented on different numerous types of SDLC models namely Waterfall and Agile as per the requirements.

Below listed are the key phases involved in SDLC:

Requirement Gathering and Analysis

As the name indicates, it is the phase in which developers carry out detailed research with clients to know and record their requirements. The first stage of SDLC model, it is also known as the brainstorming phase and comprises numerous sub-stages encompassing Feasibility Analysis. Such analysis is done to check the possibility as how much the idea is probable to put into action.

The requirements and scope varies in case any existing software is being modified. Herein, a detailed study is carried out to understand the underlying problem persistent in the software which is then sorted out followed by discovering ways to solve it. On the contrary, if software is being developed from the scratch, then each aspect is considered in detail before it is committed to be put into action. Developers then carry out maximum research after taking the inputs from the end customer.

Software DevelopmentSystem Analysis

This is defined as the second phase of SDLC in which the entire process is mentioned in detail. It involves drafting a detailed blueprint encompassing a list of procedures. If the entire process looks complicated, the system can also be divided into smaller parts to make it more understandable and easier for developers, testers, designers, project managers and other professionals who will take up the work in the later stages.

System Design:

This is the third stage, wherein developers take into account the blueprint and a logical design is made System Analysts. In this phase, the analysts and designers work in collaboration and use certain tools to create the design with the desirable output.


Once the design is developed, the software developers take up the challenging task of coding with precision. Each application development company has a specific set of professionals working in this domain as this job requires high attention to detail and is prone to record major number of mistakes.

Often, it is sub-divided into parts, where each developer handles specific part of the work after assessing his/her skill(s). It is a more strategic way to complete the coding job efficiently.


No application is passed onto the customers for evaluation or approval until it is tested thoroughly. Once the software is ready, it is allotted to the specific testing department where a series of Quality Analysts tests are conducted on the application. Herein, different errors are spotted and done away with the help of varied test cases. These applications are tested in two ways, either manually or using automated testing tools in order to ascertain that every component works fine. Once QA certifies that the software is free of errors, it reaches the next stage for implementation.


Final stage of any SDLC, software is made to run on various systems by real time users to check the performance. Once its performance is trusted to be smooth, it is sent for implementation.

How to Find a Cheap SSD VPS

How to Find a Cheap SSD VPS

VPS’s are important when it comes to the developmental process pertaining to desktop computer applications and such, especially when you’re trying to create a business. VPS’s will allow you to operate the entirety of your developmental business through online means, and you don’t even have to physically be in the datacenter to make use of all of your equipment. This is why a VPS that you can rely on is going to be so important for your developmental endeavours, because handling everything quicker and with more efficiently is beneficial for many different reasons. Since a VPS can really work wonders when it comes to how you go about handling your job there’s an obvious reason as to why you would upgrade it, which is where SSD’s (Solid-State Drives) come in. A traditional VPS makes use of either HDD’s or some other type of data storage system, but the difference between an HDD and an SSD are gigantic.

SSD’s are automatically pricier than HDD’s because they have a lot more to offer, so it’s only reasonable that they charge a bit more money to the consumer in order to still turn a profit. You might think that whatever you’re storing your VPS data on isn’t that critical, but it’s one of the most important parts of the entire cog known as a VPS. If you can’t read and write your files at a higher rate of speed your jobs are going to lag behind, and if you can get the job done quicker with the same amount of quality why not give it a shot? We all know that SSD’s are better because they’re quiet, they don’t give off any heat and there are no moving components inside of them (meaning they won’t break as easily as a traditional storage drive would), but how are you supposed to find a SSD VPS that’s both affordable and reliable?

The Search

The search itself might take a little bit of time, and in some cases it might not even take that long, so understand that you’re going to have to use a little bit of brainpower here. The amount of companies out there that are providing reliable SSD VPS’s is pretty intense when you first get into the search, since there’s so many different options it can all become increasingly overwhelming. In order to keep your eyes on the prize you have to sustain the amount of focus you’re putting towards the search, falling for the many dubious discounts and deals that get removed during the checkout process from shady VPS suppliers is something we could do without. Most of the best VPS companies are going to have a relatively high ranking when it comes to SERP (Search Engine Results Page), so a quick Google search should open your eyes to many different SSD VPS providers that can get the job done right.

It might sound blatantly obvious, but use the internet to your advantage. Grab a piece of paper and a pen and start writing down the different rates and benefits each Cheap SSD VPS is going to provide to you, and from there you can pick away at the list until there are two finalists left. From there you can figure out what else you’d like out of your SSD VPS, as well as what kind of developing you’re going to be doing with it. A proper price is going to vary, some VPS’s are going to have a lot more behind them storage space and technology wise than others will, so an average price is really tough to put your finger on. The best thing you can do is try to find the lowest price out there, and then after that find the highest price. This will give you an idea as to which VPS could be considered “expensive” and which ones could be considered “financially efficient”, from there all you’ll need to do is find the perfect balance.

SSD VPS’s are life-changing pieces of technology, and we’re not over exaggerating when we say that. It helps developers’ handle the workload they’re given at a speedy pace, and speed is a virtue that any system administrator won’t take for granted. The mystery surrounding the efficiency of SSD’s is crystal clear as of today, well, for you at least! Take this knowledge and pass it onto your peers, you never know how useful they’ll find it.

Learning about Windows VPS’s

A VPS (virtual private server) is something that most technologically-prone people are aware of these days, and they’re the roots of most cloud-based services today. Whether you’re trying to start up an e-commerce site or simply want a way to effectively manage your content, a VPS is going to make every single job you have to do easier. When you’re using the servers that your initial hosting plan (when you buy a domain you’re usually gifted with a regular hosting plan as well) give to you, you’ll notice that you aren’t getting the speeds that you would really like. Having a personal Windows VPS is a great way to ensure that you’ll receive absolutely all of the attention when it comes to powering your website, whereas the regular means of hosting would have you competing with all of the other clients for hardware resources. A physical server is where the VPS originates, but a VPS is able to be used without physically being there. You don’t need to sacrifice speed when you’re working with the web, the average consumer online is going to want everything as quickly as possible (and it’s up to you to make sure that they get it).

A Windows VPS may not seem like a crucial component right now, but when you look deeper into the issues that they tackle you start to realize something; they actually might be good for something after all (as if it wasn’t obvious before!). There’s no better feeling than being able to say that you’ve got complete control over the hardware resources within your physical server, and a Windows VPS gives you the right to say exactly that. The perfect example of this would be a physical server that is fitted with 64 GB of RAM, and to add onto that there are 8 different CPU’s and about 400-ish GB of hard drive space. This is a set-up that could power even the neediest of webpages and developmental stages, but the point to look at here would be splitting the entire server up into sections.

Each VPS would make use of one specific section of the physical server, so instead of one large server being dedicated to one task they split all of it up to cover more ground. Four people would be able to make use of 16 GB of RAM, 2 CPU’s and 100 GB of space for their hard drives, which is a pretty hearty Windows VPS (although they don’t incorporate any SSD’s, which is another thing you need to look out for!). The components that make up the physical server are going to decide how powerful your VPS is, and when you have your very own VPS you can get into many different mediums. The slowing down of your website can be attributed to the sharing of physical servers with hosting companies, so those who need to have the speediest site they can possibly have need to check out Windows VPS’s.

The concept might seem a bit foreign and strange at first, but it’s for the benefit of everybody. You can completely control your server, that means you get to decide what kinds of software and files you want to have on it (amongst many other things). If you’re an application developer there’s no other way of going about your job in a professional manner, if you’ve got multiple clients that you need to showcase a demo to VPS’s can come in handy. Give the clients your servers credentials and they should be able to pull up the WIP (work in progress) for themselves, and from there they can tell you what they like (or even didn’t like) about the project at hand. It’s much more time-conscious than having to bring the application to the client in a physical manner, and if you want them to be able to connect to your server with ease and relatively quickly you’ll need Windows VPS hosting.

The hardware is an entirely different venture in itself, and that’s mainly attributed to the fact that a server is only as good as the hardware it’s using. There are bad VPS suppliers out there that don’t care about the physical aspect of things, they think that they can just set it up once and the money will roll in for the rest of their lives. The physical server needs a worthy system administrator that’s going to improve upon it consistently, or else you’ll just find yourself dealing with the same VPS related problems over and over again.